Organized Study Tours to India Cashew Nut Production, Processing and Marketing

Study Tour objectives :

To observe the latest trends in cashew nut cultivation, farm management, harvesting and post-harvesting practices, new varieties, storage and warehousing through field visits, meeting with scientists, experts and growers.

To experience the Indian ways
of cashew nut processing methods, technologies, practices, training and people management through field visits and meeting with processors.

To sensitize participants
with different forms of marketing such as cooperative marketing, cluster approach and demonstrate these in practice.

To share the developments in the utilisation
of by-products and residual products from cashew such as CNSL, ethanol from cashew apple and so on.

To facilitate networking
with researchers, scientists, processors and manufacturers of equipments so that long-term partnership can be established.

Experiential learning (learning by doing) is the best form of learning as it provides highest scope for knowledge transfer and knowledge retention. However, it is not always possible to ‘learn everything by doing’.

The next best option is ‘seeing and observing’. The study tour is a field visit oriented, where participants are taken to field – be it cashew farm or processing units – to see, observe, interact and learn. Hence, the level and quality of learning is far superior to conventional learning by reading or studying research reports.

Study tour also facilitates networking with the best in the industry,
which if nurtured would yield immense results over a long period of time. Lastly, a study tour on cashew in India is the best learning one can get on this industry as India has years of accumulated experience in all facets of cashew industry – be it cashew nut production, processing, marketing – domestic as well as exports and utilisation of by-products.

Where is the study tour going to be?
Study tour will be in India. The participants will be taken for field visits to places in Karnataka, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. This can also be customized as per your requirements.

How will it be organised?

Stage One: Orientation programme - (1- 3 days)

A study tour typically comprises of cross-functional team. Hence, it is important to bring them on a platform of common understanding.

Orientation pertaining to global and Indian cashew industry, supply chain, value addition, processing and marketing will be provided. The emphasis would be on industry drivers and how different countries, cashew producing as well as consuming ones, are preparing themselves.

Stage Two: Field visit programmers - (7 - 15 days)

Field visit-1: Farm, nurseries, research institutions/universities to get an insight on crop
science, new varieties, plant protection, harvest practices, post-harvest and storage aspects.

Field visit-2:
Processing units for demonstration of processing techniques, equipments, efficiency, skill and packing.

Field visit-3: Equipment and Packaging manufacturers.

Field visit-4: Understanding of various marketing set-ups such as cooperative marketing,
cluster approach and so on.

About Organizer:
The programme will be organised and coordinated by, promoted by Foretell Business Solutions Private Limited, publishers of Cashew Week & Cashew Handbook, with experience for over 10 years in collaboration with a galaxy of experts drawn from research institutions, practitioners, exporters of kernels and importers RCNs.

Foretell has been actively researching the cashew industry and has brought out the following research publications besides “Cashew Week”;

1st Edition - Handbook on cashew in 2002. A Study on availability of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) in India (2003)Estimation of Maharashtra RCN Production (2005) and A consumer survey on Cashew Consumption in Bangalore city in 2006.
2nd Edition - Cashew Handbook 2008 – A Global Perspective
3rd Edition - Cashew Handbook 2011
4th Edition - Cashew Handbook 2014

Foretell is neither a buyer, nor a seller in the market. We are a pure play research and consulting firm. Hence, we do not have any bias or vested interest. This enables us to network across the industry as we do not have any conflicting interest with the stakeholders with whom we work.

We have conducted a similar study tour for Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ghana and TechnoServe, Mozambique
Benefits derived from the tour.

Knowledge of cashew crop husbandry practices deepened
Knowledge of modern cashew processing trends updated
Networking with cashew research scientists, buyers and other stakeholders established

For further information
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